Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Birthday treats

Birthdays are wonderful things, the perfect excuse to ignore chores for a day and have a bit of fun I was really spoilt this year and got some fabulous gifts and was treated to a lovely meal out at my favourite restaurant.

James surprised me with a wonderful extremely decadent white chocolate covered birthday cake 
With the left over money from my Aunt's birthday cheque I treated myself to a couple of magazines and some lovely thrifting finds.  A Rick Stein cookbook, a cone of lovely yarn and a fabulous little highland cow cross stitch bookmark kit (the thrifting find cost me a grand total of £2.50)
As for the stack of birthday gifts from my wonder friends (I showed all the parcels wrapped up in their finery in 'my week in snapshots' the week before this) ......well they turned into this pile of wonderful treats.
Who says birthdays aren't any fun as you get older?

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