Friday, August 30, 2013


This coming weekend we're off to Oxford to meet my lovely brother and his fiancee for lunch.  This made me think back to another day spent in Oxford this year, so here we are doing a bit of time travelling again and leaping back to April when we spent a day there with James' parents.

Even though it's only a short hop away I've not spent more than a handful of hours in Oxford before but what a beautiful city.
It's dominated by all of the university buildings, even in the middle of the city centre.
And my what a splendid sight they are.
But make your way off the crowded main streets and there are wide open spaces and greenery to be enjoyed.
And maybe a little punting down the river.  It was a pretty cold day so I think these folks were brave to be on the river!
There are plenty of little side streets to explore.
But you always end up back at some magnificent and imposing college building.

Thought it would be funny to pose outside this doorway considering I can be pretty irrational most of the time!!
And here we are outside the famous Radcliffe Camera, you can read all about it here if you like
After all the mornings walking and exploring we had to finish our time in Oxford with a bit of a sweet treat to restore the energy levels .... mine came in the form of a banana split ....... I might have to try and search one of these out again on Saturday ;)

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