Sunday, August 11, 2013

My week in snapshots

As predicted it was a bit of a weird week with James away in Poland, though thanks to the wonders of modern technology we still got to chat a little everyday over Facebook and such.

But I tried to keep myself busy and the week wasn't as bad as I thought, though I was still very happy to see him home safe and sound on Friday night.

Diana Dors (Looking rather wet in the rain.  This statue stands outside the local cinema, where I watched a couple of movies this week to occupy my evenings)
Finishing off the bookcase
Saturdays leftover salad + Sundays left over Gammon = One tasty lunch for work on Monday
Some crochet progress this week, here I'm getting ready for the next round
Happy to see the new and improved bookcase finished and ready for use in its new home in the living room
Dawn Chorus.  A line of pigeons as seen from my bedroom window one morning this week
Wanderings with my camera.  Trying to waste a bit of time one evening this urban scene appealed to me the most from the shots I took.

Saturday afternoon snoozing on the sofa (Love this)
Hope you've all had a good week.  I have a nice short 4 day week at work and a barbecue with some friends among other things to look forward to this week.

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Jane said...

Oh, how nice to have a short week to look forward to. Love the bookcase, and the crocheted squares. I've been doing some granny squares, but these would be a lovely alternative.