Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tree Spirit has finally emerged

My beaded tree spirit is finally finished. This was the first online class that I ever signed up to. I can't believe that it started almost 2 months ago and it's taken me all this time to get this complete.

I really like the finished tree though, and in actual fact it didn't take that much time to complete in terms of hours spent, it was just me trying to find that time, lol! I think I got a bit discouraged for a while as when Tyler was staying he managed to shake up the box that I was keeping this fellow in and all the beads got mixed up so it wasn't as smooth sailing as I had hoped!

Here is the back view. Although I bought a kit to make this cutie, the class does include instructions on how to make the tree form so I am thinking I might create a little forest of these guys maybe reflecting the different seasons or even different tree species. When I'll find the time though I don't know! I'm thinking that once I am caught up on my swap commitments I might start making a few more things just for me!


Helen in the UK said...

The Tree Spirit looks wonderful. Don't be hard on yourself - 2 months is not a lot of time to create something so intricate IMHO. That's a lot of beading and you were learning as you went along :)

Vi said...

Hi, Wow The Tree Spirit looks great!!:)I bet you need alot of patience to complete something like that. I'm visiting from the craft-co-op group.