Friday, October 27, 2006


Here is a postcard that I have been working on for the 'Fire' theme swap in the advanced group. I love cathedral windows though it is a time consuming technique and my fingers get burnt from all of the ironing!

I have 4 more of these to make to complete the swap so I guess I know what I will be up to this weekend!

I'm having a postcard crisis at the moment in that I still have many swaps to catch up on but have run out of TimTex, I've put an order in and had hoped that it would have been here by now but still no sign. At least I can make and finish these without Timtex as all the folding makes them naturally thicker so I can just add a piece of card to the back no need for a middle layer.

These cards are actually turning out about half inch smaller than the standard 6 x 4 size, but I'm hoping that the others in the swap will like the design and can appreciate the amount of work that each of these takes and will forgive me that half inch!


Helen in the UK said...

Angela - these are fabulous. The colours are so perfect. Quite appropriate that you should be burning your fingers on 'fire' cards!!

Vi said...

Wow that design looks very complex. LoVe it!!