Saturday, October 28, 2006

Corfu revisited

Recently my partner Mark has refound his passion for photography after treating himself to a digital slr a few months ago. He has been without his PC since we got back from our holiday but it got fixed this week and we have had fun looking at the pictures he took in Corfu and reliving some of the memories.

I know I am probably biased but I think his photos are amazing. Here is one of my favourites taken of one of the statues of the muses at Achellieon palace in Corfu I just love the way the light plays across the statue. If you would like to check out some of his other photos then there is a link on the side to his blog.

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Vi said...

Great photo, I can see why this one would be one of your favourites!! I had a look at his blog too and he takes amazing photo's, love seeing photo's from overseas...fascinated by them!! Had to laugh about the ladybird jumping the light berries!! Love it. hehe