Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lost Track

Eeek well my plan for today was to try and catch up and share a few of the things that I have been creating these past couple of weeks but I have to be honest and own up to not being able to remember most of it. Oops I think I'm just tired today I'm sure it will all come flooding back to me soon.

The one thing I can definately remember working on is a fabric book for a round robin that I am current participating in. This is my first ever round robin and first ever go at making some pages for a fabric book. First book I got to work on was Barbara's. Here is the front cover she made for her spring themed book. (sorry about the flash glare).
We have to make both a front and a back to complete a whole page in the book. Here is the front I made for my page. And here is the back ...

My page seems to be quite simple compared to some of the others that have been posted for all of the different themes but I did warn them all that I am a novice at this so hopefully they won't mind too much. I don't want to get over complicated and end up wasting time on something that is just too advanced for my skills at the moment.

I'm waiting for the next book to arrive now, the theme is flamingos which I think is going to be quite a challenge!


Helen in the UK said...

I have days like that. My DH asks 'what did you do today' and I know I've been busy, but can't put my finger on what I actually did!! Great to see you are creating though :)

Vi said...

Very Nice work!! I am sure they will love them!! :-)