Sunday, October 29, 2006

Busy Day

Well thanks to the fact that I stayed up until silly o'clock on Friday night watching the baseball world series I managed to finish my fire postcards so that freed up yesterday to start catching up on other things. My order of Timtex still hasn't arrived so I decided to go to the local quilt shop and buy some Fast2Fuse instead to keep me going. I love working with Fast2Fuse but it's almost twice the price of TimTex so I can't afford to do it all the time.

Anyway I had a whole lot of fabrics cut ready for making my postcards so I had a bit of a frenzy at the machine and managed to put several sets together. We are having a fun swap at Artsnthemail called Orphan blocks (thanks to Julie at advancedfiberpostcards for letting me borrow her idea). Basically you chop up any oprphan quilt blocks you have lying around and recycle them into postcards. I loved it so much I also used this idea to create some postcards for an open theme swap that I am participating in on the FiberArtistIntl group. I made 10 cards like this altogether so I can't really show them all here but here are a couple of my favourites.

I also managed to complete a set of postcards for BQLPC the theme is Autumn Splendour, this turned out pretty simple in design but I really love the background fabric and to me it just captures the colours of Autumn so I didn't want to add to much. I usually get some wonderful cards from this group so I hope that no-one ends up too disappointed with my simple design this time.

I also made another ATC for the artsnthemail swap, I used some scraps of my Microwave dyed fabric and am really pleased with the contrast in the colours and how the hand stitching round the edges brings the hearts to life.

While out and about picking up my Fast2Fuse I also treated myself to some wool and a couple of knitted bag patterns so I made a start on one of those too, I will get some pictures up when my camera battery is charged. All in all quite a productive day (no housework though!)

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Helen in the UK said...

Wonderful selection of PCs. I finished my Orphan blocks too and mailed today. Look forward to seeing your knitting - my scarf is growing :)