Thursday, October 26, 2006

Art Meme

I recently joined an altered art group on yahoo as I have been ooohing and aahhing over some of the creations that I've seen using these techniques for a while. Having at look at some of the members blogs I came across this and of course had to comment so here I am adding the meme to my blog too (not sure if I have 5 readers though so it could be interesting!)

So, the idea is that the first five people to respond to this post (via comments) will receive a piece of art from me! I know not what the artworks will be so there's surprises in store! The catch, of course, is that if you respond, you then have to post this meme to your blog! (Ok so you don't have to but it would be nice to keep the fun going).


Vi said... me me!! LOL I will post this meme to my blog, but I will give the first 5 people something crafty made by me. Don't really make "art". hope that's okay?

Alikat said...

Hey I am always up for an Angel Cat Design :0), the Norman in the Moonlight has pride of place on my mantle piece :0.

Ummmmmmmmmm does this mean I have to do the Meme I will but not just yet ;0P