Monday, August 11, 2008

My weekend

I had a lovely weekend so going back to work today has been a bit of a downer. It was wonderful to stay up to silly o'clock watching the Olympics and then laze in bed late the next day. Dh and I went out and about on Sunday visiting a local country show(I'm mad that I forgot to take my camera so no pictures to share).

Oh and I also got my birthday present from DH. It's not my birthday until Sunday but we will be away for a few days so I got my present early. I'm always moaning about doing the dishes and our little kitchen isn't big enough for a dishwasher but dh found a mini version which sits on the counter top so that is what he surprised me with. Yay no more dishes which has to mean more stitching time right?

I spent a lot of time stitching this weekend too but on so many different things that I don't have anything finished to show but hopefully soon. In the meantime as I don't like to post without a picture here is one of me making an idiot of myself at the harbour festival last weekend!
Hope you all have a great week. Bottoms up!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday

Helen in the UK said...

Happy birthday for Sunday - hope you have a great day. Lovely to see all your mum's UFOs slowly coming to life and looking forward to seeing your kitty bag finished too :)