Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bags of fun

It suddenly occurred to me today that as I am so motivated to finish Mum's UFOs at the moment, I should take a bit of that enthusiasm and work on some of my own too.

I have this tote box full of half finished projects, blocks and quilts. So I went rummaging today and found myself one of my own UFOs to work on. A couple of years ago when I first started getting into all things fabric I fell in love with the bag on the front of this book. So started one of my own this is as far as I gotActually as I simplified mine quite a lot it's not that far off being done. I'm not sure why I never got round to finishing it at the time. I think it might have been because as I didn't have any specialist feet for the basic model sewing machine I had and wasn't too pleased with the free motion work, but actually although it's certainly no masterpiece of stitching on closer inspection it's not as bad as I remembered it to be.

You might be able to see from the first picture that being in the box it's gotten somewhat squashed so is in need of a little bit of rescuing. My first task will be to try and get it back in shape and then I will be repairing this holeI'll let you know how I get on.


Sue Krekorian said...

Lovely fabric and a great idea, so am chomping at the bit to see it completed: good luck!

Donna said...

wonderful fabric.... I might leave the hole claiming intention so the dirt etc that always collects in the bottom of a bag had an escape route :-)

Working on your own projects along side your mom's will be sure to see the motivation stay high

Barb's Blurbs said...

Oh, I love the fabric, also! I will have to keep an eye out for a similar fabric to try this! Great idea!