Monday, August 25, 2008

Kitty Bag revisited

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I decided as well as working on the cross stitch UFOs I should really dig out a few of my own forgotten projects and get to work on them too.
Well yesterday, thanks to dh over indulging on the amber nectar on Saturday night, I had a nice quiet at home day with time for stitching thrown in too! The perfect excuse to get to work on the bag.
First off I had to repair that hole. Not as easy as it looked as as soon as I sat down, needle in hand, I had cats clambering to get on my lap.Next it was time to set up the machine for free motion to work some stitching on these little straps.
I came a bit unstuck on the next part as I realised that these straps should have been stitched on before the bag was joined together, how I managed to make this glaring error I will never know! Anyway I decided to cheat a bit here and with the aid of my trusty friend (below) the straps were attached.
Finally with this aptly named paint I decorated a couple of pieces of dowel for the handles.
Voila, Angelcat's UFO number one complete.
I really like this little pattern, my bag isn't the best made in the world. I think this must be one of my oldest ufos and I definitely remember doing the stitching on the main part of the bag on my old sewing machine so it must be well over two years old which would make it around about the time that my stitching journey was just beginning. When I find the time I will definitely try this bag pattern again.


Sue B said...

What a great bag!

Helen in the UK said...

Yeah a finished UFO!! Congrats on getting it done :)

StegArt said...

I think it turned out so great! And I'm think just having a UFO completed has got to make you feel pretty good too.

Quilt Pixie said...

great problem solving -- It'd be so easy to have just quit when you found the problem, but you didn't! :-)

Melinda Cornish said...

I love finishing stuff and it looks great! Melinda