Thursday, August 07, 2008


Here is another quick postcard that I put together, This one is going to be my entry into the August Lottery at Artsnthemail.
When I was looking for those kitty heads for the postcards I made last week I came across the rubber stamped image of the lady in the scrap box. I have to admit I can't remember what she was meant for now, I guess some other project idea that I never managed to get round to. I do love rubber stamping on fabric though so she may not even have been for anything in particular but just the result of a little play time.
Anyway I seem to be fond of recycling and reusing at the moment, so I kept her out of the box and with the aid of some more rubber stamps and a couple of fancy stitches from the sewing machine she is ready.

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Threadspider said...

She's my kind of goddess! Blue and beautiful. I really like your small works of art, but having said that, I'm enjoying watching the birdies too.