Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dorset Steam Rally 2008

The weekend just disappeared in a flash. I blinked and it was gone.

On Saturday we spend a (long) day at the Dorset Steam Rally. I just love events like this there was so much to do and see, unfortunately my camera wasn't playing nice and even though I charged it before going the battery ran down in super quick time and I only managed to get a few photos most of which weren't any good anyway!
Typical scene from the main ring where they have engines running all say creating smoke and noise.
Taking a break.
Engine at Sunset.
I was driving so no alcohol for me but Mark found the time to sample a couple of the many brands of Cider on sale!
It was a beautiful sunny day which just served to remind what a lack of summer we have had here (again) this year.
Today has been spent recovering from the rally though we did manage a walk down the local canal path too.
Not a whole of stitching has been done, though I am ploughing on with Siberian Gold and the mermaid postcards are almost done so hopefully stuff to share soon!

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