Friday, August 29, 2008

Andrea's Kitty cards

Now I know that Andrea has received the kitty postcards that I made for our private trade I can share some pictures.

I made three altogether. The first 2 are replicas of a couple of cards I made here.
Andrea said she wanted 2 cards but I just couldn't stop there and had to make another, this time slightly different from the ones that I made before.I couldn't resist adding some orange embellishments this time.
I think sequins are my favourite kind of embellishment at the moment. A while ago I made an order with Cartwrights and was very pleased with their service. I'd love to get some more from them but as I'm trying to cut back I've already exceeded my craft spending quota this month :) However when my numbers come up on the lottery I will make s huge order which will definitely include some of these, these and ooh tonnes of these!


StegArt said...

Love these cards!

Quilt Pixie said...

your cards bring a smile to my face... :-))

Barb's Blurbs said...

Cute kitties! And, thanks for the link to Cartwrights! I'm always looking for new internet stores!


Threadspider said...

I love the cards too, Angelcat-and I'm off to look at the sequins. Interesting you have a craft budget-I think I need to impose one on myself as well.

Joyce said...

Your cats are just adorable.