Sunday, March 18, 2012

Myth and Magic

The dragon in the last post and my recent trip to Glastonbury, have set me on the path of myth and magic again. I've always loved the idea of fantasy world's full of dragons, wizards, faeries and other creatures of myth.

After my trip to Glastonbury the other weekend I was reminded of a cross stitch picture that I made years and years ago, that has been languishing in the cupboard. I decided that it was high time that it came out of the cupboard and put on display again.
It's quite tricky to take a good photo as it's behind glass and that means lots of reflection.  I would have made this sometime in my late teens or early twenties so getting on for 15 years or so ago now.
I've really enjoyed looking at it again, revisiting all of the lovely detail in the picture and remembering the happy hours that went in to its stitching.  I'd love to be able to tell you who designed this piece, but I'm afraid I wasn't very good at keeping records of my stitching back then.  I have in mind to maybe take it out of the frame someday and make it the centrepiece for a larger hanging, but we'll see.
Also on my trip to Glastonbury I had to treat myself to a little gift.  My sister got me on the path of collecting these nemesis faeries as she has bought me a couple for birthday gifts these last years, so when I saw this beautiful creature holding out her clockwork heart she just had to come home with me.
Although I said at the start of the post that I seem to have be drawn back to myth and magic again, actually I think that it's something that is always in the background somewhere and I noticed that I've been burning these for quite a few weeks now .... more dragons :)
And finally just before I go I think I've decided on the project that I'm going to be making for the next Self 'pay it forward' recipient.  I picked this book up a couple of years ago from a discount book store but have never stitched anything from it, but I think I've found just what I'm looking for in it's pages.  I just need to check I have all of the cotton I need and I can get cracking :)
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

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Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Glastonbury did that for me too! I don't remember if you said you had read The Mists of Avalon, but if not I think you may well be in just the right frame of mind for it! By the way, when I went to Tenerife a few years ago I saw a dragon's blood tree, and apparently this is where the dragon's blood incense comes from. (Not... er... from actual dragons...!!!!) Your King Arthur piece is lovely.