Saturday, March 17, 2012

Winter at the beach

I love the beach any time of year.   So back a few weeks ago when I really felt in need of some sea air, I took myself and one of my friends off to Brean beach for a lovely walk along the sand.
As you can see it was a pretty bleak day, but we wrapped up warm against the sea breeze and had a wonderful time anyway.
The rocks in the picture above were totally covered in all this lovely seaweed.
My friend's dog, Gypsy, had a whale of a time getting soggy in the little pools of water that had collected around the rocks.  She kept trying to dig holes in these sandy puddles but couldn't quite understand why the holes were filling back in as fast as she was digging :)
This was quite a few weeks ago now and a craving for the beach is starting to build again, I have a week off work coming up next month but I'm not sure I can hold out until then ..... we'll see.


Anita said...

*sigh* So beautiful. I developed a taste for the beach years ago when I visited Italy, then Hawaii, then California. Unfortunately I live in a land locked state where the nearest beach is a mucky lake and not at all inviting. What I wouldn't give for beach access.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, what wonderful surroundings you have nearby ... Living so close to the sea, what an inspiration for soul and mind!