Thursday, March 15, 2012

Canal Walk

Last weekend the weather was beautiful, what a great excuse to get outside (not that I ever need one). Decided to take an easy stroll along a local canal way from Seend to Devizes. I had to pick something easy, as last Friday I took a new class at the gym which left me with aches where I didn't know it was possible to get aches, let me tell you I was as stiff as a board and even this easy walking was tough but the blue skies, sunshine and signs of spring made it all worth it.

It was such a lovely spring like day, it was very peaceful and there were such amazing and beautiful reflections in the still waters of the canal.
I've always found the workings of canals intriguing.  I was hoping to get some interesting photos of the locks, the engineering is wonderful, but I didn't manage to capture anything that I found particularly pleasing with the camera this time, something to try again another day.
There were lots of ducks around, it seemed they all had their own little stretches of canal that they kept patrolling, swimming up and down, up and down.
This fellow got quite friendly and decided to float around in front of me for a while posing to have his picture taken.
Also spotted this rather exotic looking bird, swimming by. 
Have since looked him up and he's apparently a red breasted goose and they are an endangered species.  A beautiful looking creature it was lovely to see him.

There were also plenty of signs of spring in the trees and hedges lining the tow path.  If I could have gotten the butterfly in focus in this shot I would have been happy but he was flitting around so fast.  I still like it though it's a scene which says that spring is really on its way.
My final shot is of the fabulous Caen Hill locks stretching up the hill, at the top is a lovely cafe which sells amongst other things delicious banoffee icecream - not that I know it's delicious of course, I'm just guess ;-)
Only a couple more days until we get to the weekend again, I'm excited to find out where it will take me ..............


Vicki W said...

That goose is really cool! I've never even seen a picture of one before.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Hi Angela,
I've just been catching up on your last few posts and see that it has been all change for you over the last five months or so - which I hadn't picked up on last time I commented. Well done on using it as an opporunity to overhaul your life. We all go through tricky patches sometimes and I've learned that the best approach is to trust that what's happening is for the best. Sounds like that's what you're doing. You seem very happy in your new flat, and are finding time to be out in the fresh air, time for you to indulge in your stitching, time for the family, and lots more besides.
I wish you all good things! Good luck with all your goals this year!

Sarah said...

The walk along the canal sounds lovely (despite the aches - you know what they say no pain no gain!) My DH and I often stay on the campsite near there and walk to the very cafe you mentioned and the ice cream is good, although Ive not tried the banofee one!!