Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Town

If you pop by regularly you'll know that a few months ago I moved towns in to a lovely little flat all of my own. I've shared with you some snaps of my home but I don't think I've put up many pictures of my town yet.  Here are a few random ones from my wanderings getting to know the area these last couple of months.

There is a lovely big park attached to Corsham Court, that is open access to the public, I love taking a wander there, there are usually sheep around and a few weeks ago this year's gorgeous little lambs were playing in the snow.

There is a huge lake at the park, and for the first time in the years that I've been visiting it was totally frozen over.

It was absolutely beautiful with the snow and ice, though I thought maybe not so nice for the waterbirds when I saw this little moorhen scampering across the frozen surface of the lake.
Near my flat is another smaller park, and this one houses a skate ramp.  I absolutely love it there at night when all of the skaters have gone home.  All lit up in the dark I just think it's urban wonderful (I'm slightly odd I know)
I really liked these photos that I took there in the rain one night a few weeks ago.
The high street is full of lovely old buildings.......
..... with plenty of character.
Another shot of the park on a snowy day, this one give you the sense of the wide open spaces.
This last picture is of what could be the ugliest building in town, but is also the place that I spend the most time at.
This is the sports centre where I go to use the gym, pool and take classes.  I'm there at least 5 times a week, best of all it's only 5 minutes walk from where I love so no driving :)

I hope that you've enjoyed my random, in no particular order look at my town.  My rental agreement on the flat comes to an end soon, so I'm not sure exactly what the future holds at the moment, I can't believe the months have flown by so quickly.  I hope I can stay because despite the financial hardships I really love being here but if not I've no doubt that wherever I end up I'll make it feel like home.


Anita said...

Such a beautiful place and such an eclectic mixture of buildings. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can stay.

Sue Wild said...

Corsham is a lovely place, I remember it from when I lived in nearby Melksham. I used to visit Corsham Court with my (then) small children and seeing peacocks - are they still there?

Here's hoping that you'll be able to renew your contract if you like living there.