Saturday, March 24, 2012


Is the weather amazing where you are? It really is lovely here. I was hoping to have gone away to the coast this weekend, but things didn't work out as planned, but there is no point in worrying about what might have been.  Instead I've been out enjoying the sunshine ..... a quick walk to the park and there were sheep as far as the eye could see :)
Sunshine and blue skies the perfect weather to sit and enjoy some outside crochet, look at that concentration on my face, lol
Don't get me wrong I love being with family and friends, but I also love being on my own especially on days like this when I can get outside and just enjoy a slower pace of life than I can during the busy work week.  Just me, sunshine, the sights and sounds of mother nature and doing things that I love.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.  X


Amanda said...

Me too, I always enjoy having time on my own, and the weather this last few days has been wonderful

Vi said...

Overcast here today, lots of clouds. I love time on my own also, it's good for the soul. :-)

Sarah said...

You sound like you had a really nice time. There is something about doing what you want, when you want with the added bonus of the glorious sun shining - it makes the heart feel grand!!