Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to the drawing board

With my machine on the fritz I have to rely on my handwork projects for my stitching fix at the moment :) Unfortunatley these have all taken against me as well, sigh. I'm just going to ride this wave of 'everything I touch goes wrong' and hope that life goes on the upturn again soon :)

Stop waffling and get to the point you might be screaming at me by now, and I wouldn't blame you. I've been working up a couple of the crochet blocks that I gave a test drive too last week. The cream and the red yarns are slightly different weights but are almost the same thickness so I thought I'd get away with combining the two. Sadly not.I've hooked up the two blocks that I wanted to make my throw from and they've come out at different sizes. So it's back to the drawing board. These are the options I've come up with so far

1. Stick with the idea of a throw from these two blocks and go shopping again for some different yarns

2. I like both of the blocks so I could make a throw using just one of the block patterns, maybe adding some more colour variations in to make it a bit more interesting.

3. Scrap the whole idea of a throw and admitt that my crochet ambitions are way beyond my actual skill level!!

Any thoughts will be gratefully received.


Jane said...

Definitely not three! Love the block on the right. Have you blocked the blocks? Sometimes that will even out the sizes, or maybe do the plainer block with one less row

Amanda said...

How frustrating! I don't crochet, so can't help you with your dilemma, but I do like the block with the little flower, so I think you should definitely make more of those, whatever you decide to do with them.

Anita said...

Miss 376 has a good idea on blocking to see if you can even the size out that way or if that doesn't work, how about just adding another row or two to the smaller block to bring it to match the size of the larger one.
Option three is not an option!

Anonymous said...

NOT 3!!!

Maybe 2 would be the most 'economical' - less new yarn to buy?

Wendy said...

First of all, do not give up, your crochet skills are great and will just get better. Judging by the block on the right, you've crocheted it a lot tigheter than the one on the left, perhaps due to the stitches used. I would try doing the one on the right with a larger hook, then block both as this will pull them square and will be easier to see. Give that a go first.