Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A great mail day

Look at all these wonderful goodies that came sailing through my letterbox yesterday.
And inside that lovely kitty fabric was this beautiful book cover.
Actually the book is perfect. I have been having lots of ideas pop in to my head for projects that I'd like to tackle and with limited time at the moment some of the ideas pop straight back out to be forgotten. I've been meaning to get something to write them all down in, so this is just the thing.

And how did I come by these wonderful gifts you might be asking. Everyone who participates in the 3CS palette challenge went in to a draw and I was the lucky winner last month. Anyone can join in the challenge at anytime, so don't forget to pop over to the 3CS blog and find out about this month's colour palette, and how to participate in the challenge. There is lots of other great stuff over there too so go check it out :)

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Jane said...

The sort of post we want every day