Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Must try harder

Well I think I told you I had a lazy weekend, I didn't realise quite how lazy until I went back in to the sewing room today. I've reconciled myself to the fact that being a domestic goddess is just not in my genes but I could have sworn I remembered spending some time on Sunday tidying my work space.............but I mean really what part of this room did I think was tidy? ...........this little lot is stretching the definition of tidy even for me!!! But I think I had a bit of a revelation, my weekend wasn't spent being lazy but being in denial.Yesterday I had occasion to be hanging round in the park for a while, waiting for some minor repairs to be done on my car. I was just hanging out enjoying the fresh spring breezewatching the clouds roll by and also doing a bit of readingAnd I realised this is exactly what I needed, some fresh air to blow the cobwebs out and wake me up a bit.

As many of you already know I have suffered a couple of periods of depression in recent years and I think that maybe over the weekend I was beginning to go down that slippery slope again. But I'm determined not to let myself get carried along on that ride again. I mean really there is so much to be grateful for in my life, just sometime I need reminding to concentrate on those good things and not dwell on the things that are out of my control. So concentrate I will. If any of you see me frowning here feel free to give me a shake :)


Amanda said...

Well, at least you can get into your sewing room. Well, just about! I haven't been able to get into mine for nearly a week. It opens off the kitchen and we've had the builders in since last week doing the decorating and tiling, so I can't get there. And we had our younger son visiting over the weekend, so no sewing then either. I think I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms. I do hope you can manage to keep on top of your mood; but depression has a mind of its own (!!!) and doesn't like to be dictated to, so sometimes you just have to go with it and keep reminding yourself that it will go away in its own good time.

Anita said...

I know too well the slippery slope. Usually I don't realize I'm on it until I'm a ways down though. Your sewing room makes me giggle. It looks like a tidy version (I kid you not) of mine. I barely have room to sit at my machine at the moment.

coral-seas said...

I don't have a sewing room :-(

If I did, it would be a glorious mess :-D

I don't know much about depression but I think that Amanda is right that it has its own mind. I think you have a good man in Dave, let him support you. I was in a very dark place after my Nan died (maybe mourning is a form of depression!). It takes time, a very long time, but it does get better. Sometimes you think you are getting there, then you slip back again, BUT IT DOES GET BETTER!