Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still hooking

Time flies when your having fun - so the saying goes. I had a lovely day yesterday wandering in the rain, visiting a local exhibition and then going to the movies for a good dose of Johnny Depp - swoon. Anyway all that means I still don't have anything much to show here. So I thought I'd share the progress on the test blocks for the crochet project I have in mind.

The other day I happened to find myself in the local craft shop - not quite sure how or why, I'm sure you've had those experiences before ;-) They had lying around a few sample crochet blocks they had using some of these lovely yarns (though not quite the same colours as the ones I came home with).I have in mind to make a throw, something that will just sling over the back of the sofa, to be dragged down and snuggled in to whenever the need arises. So I've been having a flick through this book. Even though I've only just learned to crochet I already had a few books in my collection just things that I've picked up and dreamed that I might be able to work from someday! The blocks in the book are graded for beginners, intermediate and experienced. I didn't want to make things too complicated so figured I'd pick two blocks and make a simple design from them, but of course the ones I like fall into the second and third category, so I figured that I should make a couple of test blocks to see if I could follow the pattern before attempting them for real.This first block is called Waterlily. I didn't quite get the flower right but I know where I went wrong and am happy that I'll be able to fix it when I start on the throw.

So far I've only managed the centre of the second block which is called Big RoundThe pattern isn't really showing too well in the photo yet but I'm hoping it will start to look better as I add the square outer borders. Wish me luck.


Anita said...

These look great and will be gorgeous in a throw! I love crochet because once you know your basic stitches anything is possible and it's just so relaxing.

Jane said...

Looks like you've caught the bug! Once you have the basics, it's great, and being able to read a pattern is a bonus too