Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't put off until tomorrow...

...what can be done today. I've been procrastinating the last few days. I've a pile of stitch projects waiting to be gotten on with that have been left languishing by the machine and I've been telling myself I'll get to them tomorrow. Well tomorrow came yesterday and what happens, well my sewing machine decides to give up on me.Power cut out in the middle of stitching. I've tried all the basics, changing the fuse etc but she just won't come back to life so off to the repairer she goes, she'll be out of action for at least a week :(

On a good note though I received this beautiful handmade card in the post today from my friend Beth. This bit of loveliness arrived at just the right time to bring me a smile when I was in need of one.Thanks Beth, you have great timing!! :)

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Sarah said...

What a lovely thank you note! Ive just had my sewing machine services (same machine as you) and its working like a dream - hope yours isn't too sick!