Thursday, May 20, 2010


I've been a bit tardy on the blogging front recently. Have been having a bit of a funny week and not sleeping properly again, this has left me with a distinct lack of energy and enthusiasm which is really starting to annoy me. So many things I want to do, so many ideas and plans but no get up and go to put them in place, lol.
Just so my blog doesn't curl up and die I thought I'd do a quick post about a fabulous day I spent in Marlborough a few weeks ago. Don't go to Marlborough much but it's a lovely little town, Took this quick snap down the river from a bridge on which I lost several games of pooh sticks!! :) The high street has a few hidden alleyways with quirky little shops which are fabulous for a wander round. You may well ask what does one wear when wandering round quaint and cobbled streets Why red shoes of course, is there anything more perfect than running round on a lazy Sunday in the sunshine pretending you are Dorothy, lol :) Playing pretend can make you hungry though, but what better excuse to tuck in to a banana split. Naughty but nice! Haven't had one of these for ages, but I was transported straight back to childhood with the first spoonful, yum. And after all the messing around we get to the main reason for the visit, which was to watch some fabulous live music.... ... the perfect excuse to kick off the red shoes, sit back and get lost in the magic of music.

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Vi said...

Sounds like a great time was had. :-) Great you are growing vegies...will look forward to seeing some photo's of your garden. :-)