Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cat Squares

Have begun to think about the cat cushion project again but am a bit stuck as to how to go forward with it. Have a couple of ideas but at the moment am not sure exactly which direction to go.

If you remember while back when I wrote about unpicking the cushion it sort of became a bit of a symbol for me, connected to the unravelling of my old life and beginning to start out on a new phase in the journey of my life.

So now the question is do I want my new life to be bright and bold and full of adventure and new experiences.
or something a bit more muted, settled, comfortable, with time to just contemplate, time to just be and time to concentrate on the things that I already know and love.

Any suggestions gratefully received!!! :)


Jane said...

I normally go for the more subtle colours, but the top one seems to make the cats stand out. Maybe it is time for some brightness

Lawbag said...

I agree.The brighter colors make the cats pop out. These cats are really cute!

Vi said...

Yes, I pick the brighter colours also. For the Cat cushions & the new life. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree - go with the brighter colors. The sedate looks more washed out. Love the cats! Hope life has bright spots on the horizon.

jennyflowerblue said...

Oooo, surprisingly I like the calm colour way- I'm usually a total colour freak! x