Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cat Fabric

I have my Dad and sister coming up to see me for the day today so there won't be much time for creating or blogging but I promised to share a picture with Terri, a fellow cat fabric enthusiast, which reveals the true extent of my obsession. So here is is my cat fabric collection not the greatest picture as I just emptied it out on my (unmade, can't believe I'm showing that have I no shame!) bed to take a quick snap before the gang get here. I haven't counted them lately but I know I have over 100 different prints!

Yes that is a real life cat butt in the background. Pip was peeking out of the window watching the rain. As I speak he's now happily rolling around in all the fabric ensure that it is now textured with cat hair so I have to wash anything now before I use it (groan!)


Helen in the UK said...

That's quite a collection. You must feel you're amoungst friends to not worry about making the bed first!!

Terri Stegmiller said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing it. I have the same problem....I put anything on the floor or anywhere and pretty soon one of the cats owns it for a bit.