Monday, January 29, 2007

Heart Charms

Thank you to everyone who left kind comments about my goddess book pages. It looks as though Earth Mother was everyone's favourite and mine too :)

I've had the afternoon off work today as I had some time owing and I thought I should catch up on some housework. Did I get any housework done, of course not! I have been playing instead. I signed up for a fabric charm swap at Surface Design. I need to get on and make 25 fabric charms no bigger than one inch. The close date isn't until March but I have received some wonderful charms already so I thought I should get on and at least see if my idea would work even if I don't have time to make all the charms this week.
Rather than make life simple for myself I decided not to go with a square but to try and make a heart shaped charm instead. Here is my first attempt. I stitched out a small cross stitch heart and layered this up onto TimTex. I even managed to fins some heart shaped eyelets in my paper crafting stash. I sure wish my proper machine was working as I could do with being able to get an even smaller satin stitch round the edge of this but I think it's a workable charm. Hopefully my machine won't be away for too long and in the meantime I can stitch out the hearts so I'm already to go when it is back.

I should really be getting on with the wedding invite designs but I have until Saturday to come up with a few ideas so hopefully still plenty of time!


Terri Stegmiller said...

What a great idea to try something other than a square. And good timing with valentines just coming up.

Helen in the UK said...

Love this. It is the first I have seen anywhere that wasn't square! Congrats for thinking differently. Hope your machine is better soon :)