Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Changing Leaves

Today I should be back at work, but I was so tired when the alarm went off this morning I just couldn't get going. Luckily we have flexi time at work and when I called in they agreed to giving me the day off yipee! I'm so excited to have another day at home to create this working lark certainly gets in the way, lol!

I should really get on with some housework as it's been woefully neglected the last few days, but who wants to spend a day off work cleaning? Yep you guessed it I'm going to be creating instead. Here is my first offering of the day, hopefully there will be more later. I have been taking part in a fabric book round robin on Fabricolics. Our group had some sad news just before christmas. You may remember a while back I worked on some flamingo pages (you can find them in the November archives) this book belonged to Geni sadly a few days after I posted it on to the next person in the robin we heard that Geni had passed away suddenly what a shock. Her work was lovely and she will be missed by the group.

This time round I have Lenna's book, the theme is changing leaves. Lenna has painted her pages with the most amazing leaf prints it seems such a shame to cover them up! The books I have had so far have all had 6 inch pages, Lenna has created hers with 4 inch pages, I wish I had chosen this size too as they are so nice to work on! Here are the pages I made to add to the book. For this first one I took a piece of autumn leaf print fabric and stitched down several layers of different coloured skeleton leaves. On top of this I added a couple of images which I stamped onto fabric scraps and then added some button embellishments. A while back I bought a heap of different yarns and haven't used any for a while so I decided to add some eyelash yarn round just 2 of the edges. Don't ask me why just 2 I don't really know other than I thought it might create a bit more interest than going round the whole page, anyway I think it worked out ok.

For the second page I took an artifical leaf that was given to me as part of a secret sister package recently and stitched that down to some leaf print background fabric. I then used the tiniest satin stitch I could get from my machine to stitch out all the leaf veins.


Anonymous said...

Love these pages! The color combinations are fabulous. Nicely done.

Helen in the UK said...

Love the leaf pages that you did - both complelty different in feel and both wonderful! What awful news about the owner of the flamingo pages. Just proves we need to enjoy life now, because you really don't know what will happen tomorrow :)