Saturday, January 20, 2007

Morvoren the Mermaid

When I posted pictures of my spirit doll last week you might recall me saying that I had signed up for not one but two doll round robins. SO today I thought it was high time for me to get on with making my second form so that I will have time to go on it's first leg of the journey by the end of the month.
This second group I'm in has a mermaid theme. I made my doll form using a free pattern I found on the web. I will post a link just as soon as I can find it again.Rather than go for a traditional blue or green I decided to Jazz things up by going with my favourite colour of the moment, orange. As I'm not really a doll maker she turned out to be trickier to put together than I thought and some of the joining stitching isn't great but hopefully that will mostly get covered up with beading anyway. I used my InkTense pencils to draw out a simple face, as you can see I'm no artist but I think she has a cute kinda charm none the less.


Terri Stegmiller said...

She's darling! I love her hair. And her face looks fabulous... that's what gives her personality

Anonymous said...

Love that hair! And I like the expression on her face, she looks like she's full of personality.