Thursday, January 23, 2014

New on the hook

I'm busy searching round trying to decide which hat I want to make next. There are so many out there that I would love to have a go at, and there are many new techniques that I want to explore, for instance in all the years I've been knitting I've never made anything in the round. I will force myself to make a decision soon, and as it's pay day this week I may even treat myself to some posh new yarn to give me some incentive.

In the meantime having lots of yarn left over from the ochre hat I decided to start hooking up a pair of matching wristlets.
The pattern is from an issue of Simply Crochet I think, I'll look it up when I get home and post the proper details next time.  But after a couple of hours hooky time I've got one glove made already.
It's a cute little design.  I didn't get the side ties exactly right, it was a dark evening and working with dark yarn was quite tricky, but my mistake doesn't really show so have decided to leave as is and call this one done.
Hopefully the other will be done soon.  I do a lot of driving for my day job and my hands are always cold on the steering wheel so I could really do with these to keep me warmer.

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Jane said...

What a lovely colour! Hope the second one got done and you can keep your hands warm