Sunday, January 05, 2014

My week in snapshots

I've had such a lovely week.  I'm sure you can tell just by the fact that I've been posting here every day that I've been off work.  It's been a total recharge the batteries week and boy has it been most welcome.

Time off when you are a full time worker is very precious and there always seems to be immense pressure to make the most of it by cramming every minute full of something.  This year, in large part due to James starting a new job back in the summer and not wanting to take too much time off, I reached the end of the year with a fair amount of leave to take.

It's felt like pure indulgence to be off work for the week and to not have anything planned in.  No travel, no DIY, no appointments just a week of free time, heaven (and my Dad came to visit us for a couple of days too which was lovely).  So this week aside from blogging, at various points you could have found me..........

Gaming.........a total Final Fantasy overdose
 Arranging ........ prettying up a corner of the bathroom with some of the treats I received from family and friends at Christmas
 Reading ..... plenty of it.  Pure luxury to run a warm bubble bath mid afternoon and lose yourself in the pages of a book for a while.
Eating......still plenty of this going on.  New year guilt hasn't kicked in yet, I suspect that will be next week when I'm back in 'routine'.  I'm a total night owl when I'm off work, going to bed in the wee hours means getting up late means breakfast at 2pm....what could be better than that especially when someone else cooks it for you.
And finally lots of planning.... James and I have spent some time talking, thinking, dreaming and planning for the year ahead.  2013 was good we're hoping to make 2014 awesome :)
Thanks for dropping by to check out my week, hope you guys have all had a good one too xx

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