Friday, January 03, 2014


I have a few things that I need to catch up on round here and sharing some of the end of year makes is one of them. 

I made a pact with myself not to go over the top with gift buying for Christmas. Money is tight since I bought my home and things particularly over the last couple of months have been a really struggle. When you're living on a budget unexpected bills can really hit you hard. Anyway I'm digressing, this year I made a few gifts and at the very last minute decided I wanted to make something for James.

It had to be something small as in the pre-Christmas socialising frenzy I only had a couple of evenings free. You might remember seeing this picture in my week before Christmas snapshots post. 
 Well this pile of oddments soon became this.
I know there are a few gamers out there reading so fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will (hopefully) recognise this as a moogle.  James is an avid gamer and since we've been together he's been introducing me to the wonderful world of gaming. Final Fantasy X was the first game we played together so I thought this would be a cute reminder of that. 

I have to confess that I'm totally in love with him,even though he was all scary with decapitated head at one point!  Look away now if you're squeamish!
The pattern came from here and was really easy to follow. He was done in a jiffy.
I didn't have any craft wire to hand so chopped up a paperclip that I had lying around for the antennae which worked really well.  Once he was finished I really didn't want to give him away, but I wrapped him up snugly in Christmas paper, all the while knowing that I would always secretly think of him as mine.

To be honest I think my effort was a bit lost on James, he didn't seem overly enthused when he unwrapped him and then just the other day, we've been playing another Final Fantasy game recently he said to me when there was a moogle on the screen 'look at that on the screen, there is something missing from the one you made me' after a bit of puzzling I couldn't figure out what he meant so had to ask 'wings' he said.  So I promptly pointed out that mine did have wings ....... just highlights how much attention he paid.   

It's always a little disappointing when you make something which you think will have meaning to the person receiving but then it just seems to skip them by.  Oh well, handmade isn't for everyone I guess.  At least I know not to bother in the future.  I still think it's adorable.  Of course, I'll let you make up your own mind, here are a few more cute pictures to help you with that.


Vicki W said...

I think it's fabulous! Don't worry. He will eventually "get" handmade. My husband did.

Jane said...

I have nothing to compare him too, but I think he's gorgeous