Monday, January 06, 2014

Autumn Mist

Time for another 'gifts I made for christmas' post.

Back here I started work on something that I planned for my brother and his lovely wife to be.  I'm pleased to reported that I managed to jump ahead of my self imposed schedule for working up the rows on this and had it finished and wrapped ready for giving by mid December.
Once I had the right tools for the job and got in to the rhythm of working the rows it was a pleasure to hook up.
I didn't get the best photos as trying to get decent light at this time of the year when you're generally at work in daylight hours is pretty tricky.
Please excuse the messy bedroom which forms the backdrop :)
I'm pleased to say that this was one gift that was well received.
I still have a bunch of this yarn left to so am thinking of hooking up another.  The weathermen keeping threatening us with a cold snap so this will be the perfect thing to work on as it will keep me warm as it grows.

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Jane said...

I'm sure they were pleased with it, it looks fabulous