Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fireworks in the bathroom

A while a go I painted my bathroom 'firework orange' (or at least one of its walls). 

I know orange isn't every one's cup of tea and a bright orange bathroom wouldn't be to every one's taste.  Even the guy at B&Q who mixed the paint for me raised an eyebrow when I asked for it.  But hey it's my bathroom, my favourite colour, I don't have anyone else to answer to and I love how it looks.
While I was having a root around in my yarn box last week I came across a ball or two of lovely bamboo cotton that I picked up from the bargain bin at a craft store a couple of years ago.
It looks pink in the picture above but you'll see a better representation of the lovely orange colour in the next shot.

I've been seeing lots of lovely hand made wash cloths everywhere recently and in need of some simple knitting to do whilst feeling ill last week I figured I'd give it a go and make some for myself.
I ended up with a small pile of four in the end.   In various stripe designs, from this book (also used recently for the ochre hat), although in all honesty no matter needed.  I do like how they turned out and think they look super piled up next to my bowl of lovely soaps by the handwash basin.

It feels good to have produced something pretty and practical in what was otherwise a bit of a wash out of a week (excuse the pun!).


Jane said...

I love handmade dishcloths and flannels. These are perfect for your bathroom

WendyCarole said...

I like people who use bold colours in their rooms