Monday, January 20, 2014

Cozy things

I just realised that I have one last Christmas make that I haven't shared with you yet. Is it just me or does Christmas feel like it was an age ago already?  A couple of weeks back to work and it feels as though I never had that two weeks off!

Back here I mentioned that I'd started work on a gift for my Gran.  If you pop back to that post the second photo probably gives the most accurate depiction of the beautiful lilac colour of the yarn.  You'll have to excuse the photos here they were taken on a rather dull day.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  It ended up being the perfect fit for a standard sized bottle.  The Debbie bliss yarn is really expensive but it's so soft and luxurious, perfect for a snuggly hot water bottle cover. 
My Gran really loved it.  As I pick up a bulk pack of this yarn on Ebay I have some left so am thinking I might make one of these for myself too.  I'm also exploring the possibility of making a hat for my 2014 challenge too.
The cable pattern toook my a couple of attempts to figure out but it was really quite easy once I got my head around it.  And I found the perfect buttons to finish it off already in my stash which was really handy.
I'm wide awake at 6am as I'm typing this which is unheard of for me I'm a night owl these days but am having a few sleep issues at the moment.   I could really do with something snuggly like this right now to coax me back to bed.

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Jane Galley said...

Lovely colour, and beautifully knit. I've got a cable jumper to do, but I need to have a clear head to get the pattern set