Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Inspiration strikes

Back in this post I was sharing some of my adventures in thrifting and mentioned that I'd picked up these lovely box frames.
Wow was that really back last March? Time really does disappear in the blink of an eye!  They caught my eye because of the lovely unusual shapes.  The dried flower art in them was a tad dated and while I'm all for a bit of kitsch nostalgia the displays were a bit ragged and had seen better days.  I knew as soon as I saw them I could repurpose them at some point.

Taking another trip down memory lane back in this post I mentioned I'd started a quick cross stitch project.  Well it did get stitched up pretty quickly but I forgot to post again to show you.  So here is the finished little stitchery.
I have blue on my bedroom wall so I always intended this piece to be hung there.  The other day while I was having a good sort out I came across some left over paint that the previous owners of my flat had left in the back of the cupboard.  My bedroom walls are Laura Ashley duck egg blue no less.

Anyway inspiration struck and it turns out the frame and the stitchery were a perfect fit so in a jiffy I finally had that new piece of wall art ready to hang.
I know the frame looks white here and I will try and get a better photo at some point but it really is a lovely shade of pale blue. 

I'm working on framing up some more forgotten treasures that I've recently rediscovered in my spring clean and am hoping to make myself a bit of a gallery wall in my bedroom before too long so if I can pull that off this piece will end up there but it is already hanging in my bedroom on a random nail that was already in the wall.  Happy days.

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Kate North said...

Excellent. I like this on so many levels - it's cross stitch, it makes me smile, and it's a repurposed charity shop frame!