Sunday, December 31, 2006

Secrets in the Bag

Here are some postcards I have been making for a swap on FAI. The swap is Secrets in the Bag, I know some of you will already be familiar with the premise but basically your swap partner sends you an envelope full of goodies and you have to turn them into a postcard. I ended up with two swap partners for this round as there was an uneven number in the swap.
Here are the goodies that Gillian sent me, something nice and sparkly for the festive season. My first thought was to go abstract and just attach the ribbons and beads randomly across the black fabric. I then decided it would be a more fun challenge to make something representational. Here is my attempt at creating a winter forest in the moonlight. It didn't turn out quite like I had it in my head but I think you get the idea just the same. My second lot of goodies came from NoeLani, what a great selection of fabrics, yarns, beads and sequins.For a while I was in complete panic mode as I just couldn't figure out what to do with such an assortment. It all fell into place though when I finally banished the idea that I had to use it all. I had been trying to figure a way of incorporating everything but just wasn't getting anywhere as I couldn't figure out how to use the sparkling polka dot net and the delicate rose organza all in one card. Instead I picked out a few of the things that I liked the best and here is the end result. I have to admit that I now love this card and don't want to send it away, lol!

I couldn't really get a good picture as it's too lumpy to go in the scanner and it's so overcast here today there is not enough good daylight to get a decent photo. The colours in this look a lot muddier than they are in reality. I used 2 layers of organza to create the background and then wound round some of the lovely red yarn to create flower heads and this poppy field emerged.

I hope Gillian and NoeLani both like the cards when they get them!


Anonymous said...

Both of these cards are great! Nicely done!

Helen in the UK said...

Love both these cards. Particularly the moonlit forest - very creative use of the ingredients :)