Saturday, December 30, 2006


I have so much that I want to blog about but am determined to try and spend less time on the computer this weekend so that I can take advantage of the long weekend we have here in the UK and try and get ahead of myself for some upcoming swaps.

I promised myself that I wouldn't do so many swaps in the new year as I want to try and concentrate a bit more on learning some new techniques, finishing up some UFOs and creating some things just for me, but alas there are so many good swaps out there I just can't seem to resist. I just have to face the fact that I AM A SWAP ADDICT!

I am working on several postcard swaps at the moment. I still owe a couple for 2006 which I am busy working on but here is one for 2007 on Artsnthemail that I managed to get finished up today. I have been working on this one as opposed to my older ones as I needed something portable to take away with me while spending christmas at Dad's. I decided to stitch out a cross stitch design for the Pigs swap. They took absolutely ages to make but I'm pleased with the end result!


Helen in the UK said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Cutting down on swaps is so hard when there are so many great themes out there :)

Vi said...

Oh I love this!! Great work.:-) Good Luck on cutting down your swaps...I hope you can find some balance with swaps, new techniques and creating for yourself.