Saturday, December 23, 2006


Mark didn't get a change to do any photos for me before he left so they will have to wait for a few days now as I am off to spend a couple of days at my Dad's from tomorrow but in the meantime here is something I can share with you. Three great magazines that I got this week. They all have some great articles which I can add to my 'new things to learn' list for the new year.

Classic stitches - I love the retro handbag with the sequins that is featured on the front cover designed by Sally McCollin so I will try and have a go at that in the new year. There are also some lovely machine embroidered heart greeting cards and a gorgeous beaded necklace that have caught my eye.

Stitch - This magazine is by the embroiderers guild and I've only managed to get hold of a couple of copies but I'm thinking of subscribing as there is always lots of inspiration in the magazine. In this issue I love the wild women brooches by Sarah Lawrence and the fab organza necklace by Kathleen Laurel Sage, but really it's difficult to choose favourites from this one as there are so many great articles.

Cloth Paper Scissors - only arrived this morning so I haven't had a proper look through yet but no doubt there will be some wonderful creations to ohh and ahhh over here too!

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Unknown said...

I think you are very lucky - my CPS mag has not arrived yet and we are only a few miles apart!!