Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What grows in your garden?

It's that time of year when everyone's blogs are full of the beautiful summer flowers they have in the garden. I was sat in mine (the garden not the flowers!) at the weekend, just chilling and letting my eyes wander around. Lo and behold all I can see are cats :)Oscar
Oscar and Molly

The only one of my brood not on display was Hector, he was hiding so deep in the bushes there was no way he was going to get himself caught on camera.

What grows in your garden? Evidently in mine it's felines not flowers :)


Jane said...

Sounds like ours, lol, though we have a pond. Shylock seems to go for a swim quite regularly, probably trying and failing to catch the fish

Anita said...

I love what grows in your garden! I have three of the same variety in mine as well. :)

Amanda said...

We only have the one cat at the moment, but I love to see her out sunning herself, she's such an indoor cat most of the time. Yours are all very pretty.

Vicki W said...

Just weeds here! I haven't the slightest interest in gardening. I few years ago my husband and Mom planted some very low maintenance shrubs around the house and I am happy to just have that!