Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Machining Again

Things are a bit quiet over here at the moment I know. The reason is mainly thisMeet Beatrice. The lovely man in my life, fed up with me moping round the house waiting for Jemimah to be repaired bought me this lovely little machine to keep my going for a while. She's pretty basic but she stitches like a dream.

Now I'm madly trying to catch up on the seven weeks of city and guilds that I've not been doing. So if you're missing me, you can catch up with what I'm up to over here ;-)


Doreen G said...

What a man Angela.

Andrea said...

I have a Brother as a back- up machine and it stitches really well. The only reason I don't use it much is because it is a bit lightweight and when I'm sewing fast it tends to wobble - lol ! Dave is a sweetie xxx

Terri Stegmiller said...

He sounds like a keeper to me!!! Glad to see you are happily stitching again.

Vicki said...

Your sweetie is the best. Definitely a keeper.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

How thoughtful and helpful. Is he stitching for you as well? ;0)

Best wishes