Friday, July 01, 2011

July Already

I had a fabulous June, but unfortunately not where my to do list was concerned :)
  • Work on new cross stitch - Yes I did manage to do this one (picture to follow soon)
  • Participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Due to my sewing machine malfunction I only managed to get fabrics cut for the chequerboard blocks and nothing else
  • Finish Second PIF gift - No, due to sewing machine
  • Make the Granny Squares in to a cushion - I did actually manage to get these sewn together but again not made up in to a cushion because of the machine
  • Finish last 3 postcards for the swap - No, again machine
  • Keep working on the new crochet blocks to see if I can figure out a throw - I have kept going with the blocks but I've abandoned the idea of a throw and will be making another cushion with the blocks I'm doing (picture to follow soon), but there will be a throw in my future
  • Work on City and Guilds chapter six. - No machine no c&G
I did of course manage to get my little bird done for the 3cs challenge which was a little unexpected bonus.

Way too many reds and oranges in that list for my liking, hopefully July will be better, though looking at the calendar we are busy every weekend in July which will limit stitching time a bit. Never mind there are still goals to be set

  • Work on Lakeside Farm
  • Continue working up crochet blocks for the new cushion
  • Participate in 3cs challenge
  • Participate in Rainbow scrap challenge
  • Finish 3 postcards for open swap
  • Make 5 postcards for 3CS swap
  • Make 2nd PIF gift
  • Finish Chapter Seven for c&g
Here's to a happy and creative JULY. What will you be doing this month?

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