Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Life is really busy at the moment hence the fact that I haven't posted for almost a week. Am rushed off my feet at work and home with barely time to think.

Had a super fabulous weekend with family last weekend which is always manic but lots of fun.

I introduced my eldest nephew to the fabulousness of Tim Burton, he loved all the strange and quirky stories and anything that gets him reading has to be good right? Here he is with Dave trying to look intelligent.As you can see from the picture above we had some fun with a bit of old fashioned 3D and some paper glassesWe were watching Final Destination 3D, the movie was pants and so was the 3D in these things, but we looked funny :)

Of course I have to also share a picture of my youngest nephew looking super cute as 'Balloon Boy' He's growing up so fast. My sister and the boys are coming to stay for a week next month and I can't wait to have them here creating mayhem and trashing my house!! :)

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coral-seas said...

I know what you mean about life being so busy that you hardly have time to stitch let alone blog about stitching :-)

Your nephews are growing so quickly. Didn't they get a headache reading with 3D glasses on?!