Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lovely Lace

Now I've gotten the knitting bug again it seems like nothing can stop me. Look another Slouchy Hat has just rolled off the needles. This one is for my friend Julie, who saw a picture of me in the last one that I'd posted on Facebook and asked me to knit her a hat too.I love the yummy greens and blues in this one. Both hats were knitted using Sirdar's Indie Yarn, incase anyone is interested.

And the knitting hasn't stopped there. I've decided to challenge myself a bit with another hat for Julie. Mostly I'm comfortable just doing straight forward stocking stitch, but I'm attempting a basic lace pattern this time and it's actually been a lot easier than I thought it might be.So far I'm liking how this one's turning out (knitted using Sirdar's Eco Wool), if it continues to go well I think I might end up making one of these for myself and maybe one for my sister for Christmas too, we'll see.

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