Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dorset Days - Part 2

This time last week I was packing my bags getting ready for my weekend in Dorset, can't believe how quickly a week can disappear these days. Here are a few snaps from last Sunday.We were up nice an early to catch the only few rays of sunshine of the day. This pile of buckets and spades left by the beach cafe were far too tempting to resist.
Haven't built a sandcastle since I was knee high to a grass hopper. The lack of practise was shown up in my first attempt :)Buy hey practise makes perfect and before long we had a whole castle complex made complete with moat.Haven't smiled or laughed as much as this I did during this hour or so of messing around on the beach in ages. I'm not going to leave it so many years between castle building escapades next time.We pretty much had the beach to ourselves which was great. If only my legs were really this long :) Even though the sun was shining I think part of the reason we were alone on the beach is that it was so darn cold.Here we are in all our rosy cheeked glory. I love the beach in winter. After the beach it was time to make our way home via Monkey World. Most of the primates were being sensible and staying inside out of the cold which made photographs difficult as lots of reflection through glass etc, but here are a few of the cheeky monkeys that I did manage to snap.No specific plans for this weekend but I'm sure we'll get out and about somewhere. Hope you all enjoy your weekends, whatever you may be up to. X

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Vi said...

Looks like a great place to visit.
Impressive sand castle building there. lol Great to see you so happy! :-)