Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dorset Days - Part One

My birthday present to Dave this year was to take him away for a short weekend break. What with illnesses and being busy with one thing and another it wasn't until this last weekend gone that we had the chance to make our escape. We spent a fabulous weekend by the coast in Dorset. On Saturday we went for a lovely walk along the coast line. I love being by the sea in the winter months, some might say that it's freezing cold but I like to think of it as invigorating. Whose spirits would fail to be lifted by the sights, sounds and smells of the beautiful and rugged British coastline? Here I am messing around on the beach. As you can tell colour co-ordination wasn't on my mind when I picked out my walking gear that morning, I'm like a giant walking rainbow, though I don't make anywhere near as pretty a picture as a real rainbow :) Here are my good old walking feet taking a well earned rest from wandering the pebbled beach. Beach walking definitely provides a good work out for the legs and bum :) This is one of my favourite shots of the day, a little bit of beach litter that I spotted along the way. Just love how the bright bottle cap stands out against the soft colours of the sea-wet pebbles and glistening seaweed. After a long day out walking in the chilly sea-air, nothing nicer than the feeling of arriving at your cosy accommodation knowing that they'll be a good pint and a gorgeous meal waiting to be had. Perfect days like these make such precious memories.

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coral-seas said...

Jon took me to Dorset for a weekend last year after I had been poorly with a very nasty cold. We had a lovely walk on that very beach. Aren't the pebbles fantastic? As I recall, the walk to and from the beach also gave your legs and bum a good work out (and my lungs that were still recovering!). I hope to get back and see more of the Jurassic coastline sometime soon. And I also love to be by the sea - any time of year. Do you think it is because we live so far from it?

Glad you enjoyed your weekend.