Saturday, October 30, 2010

Knitting and Charity

I've been looking for a nice cosy project to keep me company through the colder evenings that we have ahead.I found a lovely project that I want to tackle in this book. So off I trundled to the local craft supply shop. Unfortunately they do not stock the yarn that I want but instead I came back with this little lot.I bought a lovely pattern book from Sidar last year and made a couple of hats and things from it so decided that while my hunt for the blanket yarn continues I'll treat myself to a new hat.

While I was around in town I did a little bargain hunting in the local charity shops too, something I haven't done for ages - it was great fun. Here is my little collection which ended up spread over the floor when I got home.I love the Laurel Birch wooden kitty which cost me the princely sum of £1, there is also a lovely little ceramic bowl painted with bright flowers also £1 which doesn't show up too well in this picture but my favourite charity shop bargain of the day is this gorgeous wooden pot.A bit more expensive at £4 but still a brilliant bargain I think, have seem similar selling at local craft fairs for 4 or 5 times that price. It's just so smooth and has lovely patterning on the surface from the wood grain.

Wood was obviously the theme of the day as I also bought this beautiful wooden heart from a local craft shop, again I just love the wonderful textures and patterns of the wood.Am one happy shopper today. :)

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Jane said...

I agree with you, there is something about wood. I love it too