Sunday, October 03, 2010

Close to Home

I wanted to get out and about yesterday but have been feeling pretty tired the last few days so I knew that I wouldn't be up to ranging very far. But, in order to give my camera an outdoor workout and to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine we had I decided to set myself a little challenge. I needed a few odds and sods from the local supermarket which is only 10 minutes away on foot, I figured I'd try taken my camera on this well trodden path to see what I could come up with.The first thing I noticed were all of the beautiful spiderwebs, covered in dew, sparkling in the sun. I have always loved the sight of a web but I guess I never really thought too much about all of the different sizes and structures, from lace like creations like the above to something a bit more uniform and geometrical like this one.Both very beautiful in their own ways. I also found one web still occupied by, I assume, it's maker. I had a tough time getting a picture of the little fellow, but I managed this passable effort after a few attempts.Checking my wildlife book I think this is a Garden Cross Spider, but as my image isn't too good I can't be sure. After the spiderwebs the next thing I noticed were the signs of Autumn all around.Leaves everywhere are changing colour ......and falling to the ground......... and the hedge rows are bursting with berries. I must go back and collect some, might be fun to do some dying experiments.I also enjoyed not only how the dew drops turned the spiderwebs into jewelled ornaments but also the prettiness of these tiny droplets sitting on leaves and flowers.I thought I'd done pretty well photo wise for a short 10 minute walk with my camera, but before the camera went away I just had to take a couple of quick snaps of this cheeky local moggyshe was hiding in the grass trying to stalk the local birds but they didn't seem at all bothered and just skipped off down the path away from their sneaky feline foe.


Vicki W said...

Beautiful photos!

Vi said...

Love the photo's Angela.